Our solutions are modular, scalable and flexible and utilise the latest operating systems and applications. They can be tailored to any workspace or ICT suite and, as well as high-performance, low-energy servers, Really Green can offer a range of desktop client devices that are ideal for ICT suites. All our low-energy range of servers and client devices are powered directly by DC electrical power.

All our solutions are designed to use renewable energy sources and are ideal for schools, colleges and organisations that want to work ‘off-grid’, either because they have unreliable or no access to mains electricity or because they want to eliminate or reduce their electricity bills.

We work with partners to provide self-contained, mobile and secure ICT suites for rapid deployment in disaster areas and harsh or remote environments with poor or no power infrastructure.

solar-ready-logoCore to our offerings is a range of products from Solar Ready, the UK’s #1 designer and manufacturer of DC powered ICT infrastructure. Solar Ready offer a broad range of server and client device solutions which harness renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and water power. Their purpose-built, voltage optimised systems reduce power consumption, heat and noise output and can all be implemented in an ‘off-grid’ configuration to minimise or even fully eliminate power usage typically associated with standard ICT infrastructure.

green-mobile-classroomWe are also able to offer their portable classroom or workspace solution for use in the advent of fire or other disruption to normal ICT spaces or within environments where there is no power provision. A 20 user self-contained suite can be deployed literally anywhere and can be configured with thin or zero clients, low energy fat clients, printers, interactive displays, air-con and any other standard classroom or workspace equipment, all powered night and day using solar PV estate.